thinking hands


thinking hands is idea driven design put into practice.


We explore forward, understanding the play of everyday life and mirroring today’s needs and wants. We reply to the point, giving unexpected answers to questions not yet asked and offering solutions that come in handy. We put it to the proof, translating ideas to the real world and making them intelligible to all.



thinking hands consolidates works that started out as an idea and tackle todays issues. It gives identity to thoughts that evolved in passing but suddenly became reality. It publishes what is neglected due to daily business but precious to us and worth looking at tomorrow.



thinking hands feeds on the output of collaborative working processes, which are started by the power of ideation and performed as an iterative interchange. The expertise of the persons involved is the foundation to create a unique mixture that is more than the sum of its parts.



thinking hands is shaped by all persons gathering under its roof and all projects published under its label. The organization and the mutual public image are currently maintained by Tim Mackerodt.


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thinking hands


is idea driven design put into practice. We explore solutions for people’s daily needs and little wants...